Our Sustainable Policy

VISION: The aim is for sustainable tourism to have become widely accepted in Myanmar and fully integrated into the operational management of the TMTM members. We will have maximized the positive effects of the travel product and minimized the negative effects, with the aim of achieving a balance between People, Planet and Profit.

Take me to Myanmar support sustainable and responsible tourism. The idea is to protect the environment, historical foot print, culture and generate benefits for the Myanmar society.

In our policy we believe we can make a difference to live in a better world, that is why we choose sustainable tourism.

The following are our sustainable policies to lessen the impact of our activity and to help in the recovery of our nature, enhance the traditions of our country, promote local food and local celebrations:


  • No private car with diesel usage
  • Delivery and our staffs are using bicycle or public bus
  • We are doing public plastic collection programs on tourist attraction area
  • Using digital marketing and digital Boucher

Waste Management

  • Monitoring usage of waste in Office
  • Reusing papers
  • Double sided paper printing

Economy Care

  • We contribute our profit in development of country side and Education in country side
  • We use regional staffs
  • All staffs are recruit as per Myanmar law
  • No child labor

Culture Care
Myanmar has rich historical and culture, we are promoting traditional culture, festival and food in our tour programs. We are mainly focus on festival and food.