Inle’ Lake

Inle’ Lake is most famous lake in Myanmar. Full of interesting! Peoples are living inside lake for decades , full of water surrounded by.  Most interesting thing is they travel the whole lake with canoe paddling  by legs,  Planting in temporary floating island, construct house at the middle of water by traditional way. Completely unique and different way of living style.  Asia venice?

Amazing place to take a break  at. Rent a boat to roaming around the lake. you may discover how they are making their own wearings, planting.

There are two famous way to travel the lake, from Nyaung Shwe  by car and from Kalaw by trekking.

While you are traveling with boat, buy some food for feeding swallows ,they will fly over you and follow all the way to lake. Try some Inlay food , those are quite different from traditional Burma food. Some are rubbed by banana leaf, Not much oily, mostly are steamed and healthy, fish items are very famous. worth to try.

In inle’ lake area, many kind of birds are discovered and famous point for bird watchers. Biking, visiting to community villages, trekking , wine yard visiting  are popular activities.

How to reach Inle’ (Inlay) Lake

Yangon to Inlay by bus, car, flight

Mandalay to Inlay by bus, car,flight

Bagan to Inlay by bus, car, flight

Kalaw to Inlay by trekking

The nearest city to Inlay lake does not have airport. The nearest airport is Heho which is like 45 min – 1 hour.