Is it Safet to travel to Myanmar?
If you ask us whether it is safe to travel to Myanmar, our answer is yes. Just recently, Jack Dorsey, CEO, and co-founder of Twitter took a 10-day meditation trip to experience Vipassana meditation in its original form. Although it sparked an outcry from the public, he described his trip and experience as "full of joy.” Our agency has the capability of connecting you with the right services, locations and most of all keep you safe during your tour to beautiful Myanmar.
Do we need to get Insurance by our self?
Yes. In Myanmar, we could not provide you adequate insurance. Take me to Myanmar bare in mind for convenience and safety of our customers for planning second option instead of providing insurance.
What to wear?
Myanmar is topical country, 90% of people are Buddhism. Visiting to religious places need to cover shoulder and knees, need to remove shoes. We recommend to wear lightweight cotton and linen long sleeve , sandals , slippers.
What currency should I use?
In Myanmar, Myanmar currency MMK (Kyat) is widely used and most of major cities has currency exchange counter(mostly from USD to MMK). Other currency than USD is still a bit hard to exchange especially in small cities. We recommend to exchange your currency with USD. In USD, you should get new version of 100 note. 100 note,change,old version, new version , they all have different exchange rate. New version of 100 note get the best rate.
SIM, Internet
Most of the operator in the world are getting roaming service.In Myanmar, MPT, Ooredoo, Telenor and Mytel is main operator for sim and internet. We recommend MPT for coverage and service. Depend on service you have taken from us, we provide you sim and data but please double check with sale crew of Take me to Myanmar.
How's weather out there?
Three major weather can be found in Myanmar 1.Summer (March - May) 2. Rainy (June- October) 3. Winter (November -February)
What type of Electricity plug in Myanmar?
Electricity outlet in Myanmar is 220-240 but there is no standard plug type. We advise to take universal plug type for your convenience. Electricity outage is significantly decreased starting for 2018.But better prepare for it since adventure trip need to go some rural areas with no electricity.
Can I use my credit card?
Visa, Master are accepted in some restaurant in major cities. ATM are available most of the cities. Still cash are widely use in everyday life.

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