Yangon Formal capital of Myanmar, transportation hub of Myanmar and the most developed city in Myanmar. Many vacation spots can be found in Yangon for multiple taste. China town, the most golden pagoda, historical building , train market, antique circular train system.
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Mergui Archipelago

Myanmar's Mergui Archipelago Beach lover?Mergui is Famous archipelago but many beautiful islands are out there waiting for you. what so special about Myanmar's island is they are purely untouched! First thing you will find when you are looking into beach tour in Myanmar is price. Yes very expensive compare to other Asia country. It is [...]
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Inlae’ (Inlay)

Inle’ Lake Inle' Lake is most famous lake in Myanmar. Full of interesting! Peoples are living inside lake for decades , full of water surrounded by.  Most interesting thing is they travel the whole lake with canoe paddling  by legs,  Planting in temporary floating island, construct house at the middle of water by traditional way. Completely [...]
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Bagan A World known place,I hope no need to introduce much. Amazing Mural painting ,2000 antique pagoda (Bagan temples) at one place, red brick, farming, warm weather. Imagine how you gonna feel viewing sunset on this unique place. so cool, isn't it. You could easily rent e-bike, just like scooter, to roaming around this cool place. I [...]
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